This is Part 4, for the Offical Lore Series.  Please go back and read if you need to.


Jaerg Hellhammer and Eardor Cuttlass begin to assault the Kingdom of Alatrax and it's Colonies.

First Great Namarian War.Edit

Jaerg Hellhammer and Eardor Cuttlass sailed across the Kaergin Sea to reach the Plains of Ralin.  Jaerg was proclaiming a small speech to his men while Eardor Cuttlass began to rally the Raiders of Jokhal under the New Order of Hellhammer.  Hellhammer knew the King of Alatrax would be very unaware of their invasion and would they would have the upper hand for many battles.  He smirked at this and began to relax in his Mobile Throne atop Hammer of Scorn, the Flagship in the Hellhammer Navy.  The Raiders were going to be assisting in hopes of a place in the New Order, but he had a plan brewing.  Once he sat atop Alatrax's Throne, he would then kill Eardor and then order the Raiders to stand down.  Things were going all according to plan.

Lexstrazian was very displeased with this war.  She knew her creations were prone to this action of violence, just as much as their creator was.  She still refused to particpate.  Let them know their own bloodshed.  She saw the approaching vessels, and cried.  It was going to be a massacre.  She slowly floated away, saddened by her creations naiiveness.  She would have to create many Shroud Portals in a attempt to block Voltharimas from taking advantage of this moment.  She is expending her power to let her creations kill eachother.  How sad.

King Alatrax relaxed peacefully, now having offically banished the Hellhammer Rebels, and the Demonic Raiders from his lands, he now was at peace with himself, and his people rejoiced in the streets.  It was a glorius, peaceful day for the King, and his people.  He ate a piece of melon presented to him on a Silver Platter.  He enjoyed the saviory flavor [Continuing Soon!]