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Here is where you will learn many aspects of the Namaria Universe that you may not have known previously!  Players are allowed, and encouraged to add pages to the Wiki that involves their character or events in a World/Battle Events, otherwise I shall end up doing these actions with time.  I came up with the idea for Namaria back in 2011, really wanting to create a open and expansive universe.  I wanted people to not only enjoy the universe I made for them, rather leave their mark on it as well.  You are more than welcome to add pages to this Wikia, however I ask that you do not edit Offical Namaria Lore pages, as these need to be as informative as possible.  Thank you for taking the time to visit the Wiki and I hope you enjoy your stay on the Server and Wiki itself!


One of the prime reasons for our creation of this Wikia is to give people insight into the world they are currently inhabiting.  Namaria is incredibly rich with lore, and is always expanding, so check back to this Wikia often to get more lore and juicy details!

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Welcome to Namaria!