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The God of the Shadow Realm, Artanis leads his people with devotion and dedication to their cause of peace.


Becoming a God:Edit

Artanis was simply a star named after Myrm's Ancient Wolf. Myrm saw the Bravery and Devotion the star held to keep it's purpose and decided to make it a God.  Myrm approached Artanis, and transferred the Astral Energies into God Energies.  Artanis was born.

Early Greetings:Edit

Artanis was always a loner within the Council, never wanting to be a burden upon his fellow gods.  Myrm constantly urged him to attend gatherings and events held by the God's, but Artanis always refused. 

When Myrm announced that each God had earned their own realm, and were allowed to pick, Artanis was permitted to choose first.  He chose the Shadow Realm.  Many were astounded that anyone would pick the Shadow Realm as their first option.  Artanis then created the First, and Only portal to his realm, and sealed it off.  Artanis wasn't heard from again till Voltharimas' Invasion.